Fault Finding

Fault Finding & Repairs - You need a fully qualified electrician

Locating a fault in an electrical system quickly requires experience and at Auber Electrical we are trained and experienced at electrical fault finding and repairing domestic electric installations. This experience ensures a fast, efficient and cost-effective service.

Most older homes were not designed for the type of power requirements we have today. Modern electronics have bought us a wealth of electrical devices to make our lives easier and more convenient. With all this extra activity running on your existing circuit, older wiring systems can be a hazard as over the years the insulation of the wiring can become brittle.

Common Symptoms of Faults in Domestic Wiring

  • Lights going dim when using appliances
  • Older style sockets and switches
  • Fuse blowing without cause
  • Burning smell when using appliances
  • Arcing or cracking noise from switches
  • Green Goo- Green liquid substance around connections
  • Burning smell from switches
  • Accidents - i.e. nail through wire

The Solution

Auber Electrical are committed to finding you the best solution for faults you may have in your home. Sometimes it is something as simple as a loose wire in a junction box, sometimes its damaged cables.

Whatever the problem once the fault has been identified, it can either be repaired immediately or booked to be carried out at a time convenient to yourselves. 

If you are having any problems with your electrics, or electrical installations, then call Auber Electrical and we will endeavor to get to the bottom of the problem and offer advise for effective solutions, professionally repair or renew the fault to full working order.